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CHOA offers a variety of different training opportunities:

Heavy Oil 101

Heavy Oil 101 is a comprehensive overview of the heavy oil industry. It is an ideal course for students or professionals who are looking to have a greater understanding of the overall industry and the role their skill or trade plays. The course is particularly timely this year and will address the recent changes in the industry as well as a focus on new technology and innovations.

Industry experts provide one hour modules on the following topics: Our Industry In Context, Recovery Processes, Geology, Surface Facilities, Upgrading, Refining & Marketing, Environment, Technologies & Innovations. The Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) is the premiere source of educational support for the Heavy Oil Community and organizes several technical events, networking events and conferences throughout the year.

Next Heavy Oil 101 will be offered in early Fall 2017.

Understanding the Heavy Oil Industry

Understanding the Heavy Oil Industry is a half day workshop that provides a high level look at the overall heavy oil industry, where Canadian heavy oil fits into the picture, and a basic “wells to wheels” look at oil production, refining, upgrading and transportation. 

It also engages participants in a discussion on the key social conversations surrounding the industry and provides some context for questions about environmental impact, economics and the political landscape. This workshop is geared to non-technical employees of the heavy oil industry, or anyone seeking to better understand the industry. 

Participants will finish this interactive course with greater confidence to engage in conversations centered on the industry as well as a high level understanding of the entire oil recovery and use process.

Next Understanding the Heavy Oil Industry will be offered in early Fall 2017.


In-Situ Reserves and Resources Fundamentals Course

The In Situ Reserves and Resources Fundamentals course provides a detailed introduction to all aspects of evaluating an in situ asset; from Geology to Engineering to Economics. Students will be presented with a simple yet robust method to evaluate and prepare a business case for an in situ acquisition and divestiture opportunity from the ground up and will be tasked as a group to evaluate an example property.

The morning will focus on the basics of oil sands geology; including modern analogues discussion, facies recognition from core and well logs, net pay mapping and bitumen initially-in-place calculations.

The afternoon will focus on proper reserve and resource classification, type well creation, (including estimating recovery factors), steam oil ratios (SOR) and production profiles, and in situ project economics. Groups will utilize the methods presented, in combination with their geological evaluation skills learned in the morning session, to create a development plan and corresponding production and economic forecast.

Our first In-Situ Reserves and Resources Fundamentals course is booked for June 21-2017.


More training opportunities continue to be developed. CHOA is looking forward to sharing all our new opportunities with you soon. 

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